Tips for Classified Ads

Make your first three words the important ones. Those are the ones that will be bold.


Write out the words and avoid abbreviations. The abbreviated word cond. should be written out conditioner. The cost is the same.

Telephone numbers count as ONE word.

Websites and web addresses count as TWO words.

Ads should have a price. People need to know the cost even if you are willing to bargain.

A screen (highlight) on your ad will be grey if your ad lands on a black & white ad, yellow if it lands on a color page.

We will choose the category for your classified ad unless you CALL us and ask for another. Scroll down for a list of classified headings currently available

ACTION UNLIMITED: If you enter your ad by noon on Tuesday, it will be in the Friday publications.

SMART SHOPPER: If you enter by noon on Monday, it will be in the Wednesday publications.